8. February 2015 Sebi 0

Due to a request: KeySmasher! This tool presses a given key in defined pace.

Trader Code Generator

8. February 2015 Sebi 0

These two tools are mode to generate the code that can be inserted into the config of any trader in the Minecraft modification “Citizens“. There are two versions of this tool, one written in Excel and one in Visual Basic Classic.


10. July 2014 Sebi 0

As the offline variant of Matrix2Wolfram-Online this tool can be used to offline convert matrices that are separated by spaces and newlines into the format that Wolfram|Alpha uses for its matrices.


3. December 2013 Sebi 0

The finite monkey theorem says, that a monkey who presses keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinitely long time, will write every text you like. With this tool you can test the theory with some text and an automated monkey for your own.


20. October 2013 Sebi 0

The ReNamer is a batch renaming tool. If you have to rename many files at once with a given pattern or remove some keywords in many filenames, this tool is for you.


6. June 2013 Sebi 0

Jump’n’Run is the first game developed by PapeCoding and strives to be a generic Jump’n’Run game. The interesting part about this game is, that the level definition is based on a Bitmap file. Thus, it is very easy to make your own levels in programs like Paint.

KeySmasher – Heinrich Edition

4. May 2013 Sebi 0

As a variant of the KeySmasher, this version presses the given key at a random pace in a given time frame, until you press stop. This can come in handy, if you need to avoid an automatic logout due to inactivity in some games 😉

Ball Invasion

27. March 2013 Sebi 0

BallInvasion is a classical side-scroller with a high difficulty. You control your character with the arrow keys and try to avoid the enemies flying towards you. In the end a highscore list is displayed, on which you can play head to head with your friends. Why not post you highscore below this post?


27. September 2012 Sebi 0

As my first real project, the AdventureMaker is a little GameEngine, which is able to execute games written in a config file.


26. September 2012 Sebi 0

You want to annoy friends and family? And MouseDown is to boring for you? Use DrunkenMouse! When you start this tool, your mouse starts tumbling around on your screen.


23. September 2012 Sebi 0

You want to annoy friends and family? Use MouseDown! When you start this tool, your mouse starts its endless fall. Once it reaches the screens bottom, it teleports to the top and starts its fall again.

Random Generator

10. August 2012 Sebi 0

This little tool was made to serve as a random generator for a video recording. Its interface is really simple and generates random numbers between 1 and 100.

AdventureMaker Image Generator

31. May 2012 Sebi 0

With this tool the image cutouts for the AdventureMaker can be automated. Apart from this, this tool can be used for all kinds of automated image cutting tasks.

Bouncing Ball

31. May 2012 Sebi 0

Bouncing Ball was a fun project instead of a functional one all along. This tool simulates how a ball with a given start vector bounces in the window area under the assumption of no friction.