Google QPX API (Google Flight)

16. April 2016 Sebi 0

Recently I was asked how to find the cheapest flights via JavaScript to use it on a website. The best possibility I found was the Google QPX API, which is the API behind Google Flights.


12. September 2015 Sebi 0

Due to a pro-seminar i had to write last semester, i questioned myself how to calculate the center of mass of a 2D shape. In the papers i read about the topic everywhere it was considered “simple”, but was never discussed. Back then i just accepted this, but recently i thought about the same question again and started tinkering, resulting in this project.

Web Crawler

28. August 2015 Sebi 0

After a long time, it was time to develop something new. This time i wanted to go towards web and bots. For this i designed this tool, which serves a “sort of useful” purpose, by surfing the web automatically und looking at its text.

Register Machine (RAM)

26. February 2015 Sebi 0

As a theoretical model of a computer, the register machine is a Turing complete model, thus an alternative to the Turing-machine. It accepts programs in a form similar to assemble code and executes them.


10. February 2015 Sebi 0

Mastermind is a logic game for everyone. To beat the game, you have to guess a code, that the other player (here the computer) has chosen. In this variant the code is made from digits (0-9).

Matrix2Wolfram Online

9. February 2015 Sebi 0

As an alternative to the Visual Basic version, this tool can convert a matrix which is written in a normal matrix style (rows separated by new line and columns separated by spaces) to the Wolfram|Alpha style with curly-brackets.


8. February 2015 Sebi 0

Due to a request: KeySmasher! This tool presses a given key in defined pace.

Trader Code Generator

8. February 2015 Sebi 0

These two tools are mode to generate the code that can be inserted into the config of any trader in the Minecraft modification “Citizens“. There are two versions of this tool, one written in Excel and one in Visual Basic Classic.

Transalp Designer

13. December 2014 Sebi 0

The Transalp Designer is an online tool for interactive bike route creation. Based on the resulting path the customers can order more material and professional guides etc. for their alpine trip.


30. July 2014 Sebi 0

Today something made for me and my colleges:For the Lecture of “Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen” the chair released a tool that is capable of generating training sheets. Unfortunately it is a console tool, which generates LaTeX code. To simplify the usage of their tool, this script generates all exercise types automatically and compiles them to pdf. Much luck to everyone needing this in solving the exercises!


10. July 2014 Sebi 0

As the offline variant of Matrix2Wolfram-Online this tool can be used to offline convert matrices that are separated by spaces and newlines into the format that Wolfram|Alpha uses for its matrices.


3. December 2013 Sebi 0

The finite monkey theorem says, that a monkey who presses keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinitely long time, will write every text you like. With this tool you can test the theory with some text and an automated monkey for your own.


20. October 2013 Sebi 0

The ReNamer is a batch renaming tool. If you have to rename many files at once with a given pattern or remove some keywords in many filenames, this tool is for you.