12. September 2015 Sebi 0

Due to a pro-seminar i had to write last semester, i questioned myself how to calculate the center of mass of a 2D shape. In the papers i read about the topic everywhere it was considered “simple”, but was never discussed. Back then i just accepted this, but recently i thought about the same question again and started tinkering, resulting in this project.

Web Crawler

28. August 2015 Sebi 0

After a long time, it was time to develop something new. This time i wanted to go towards web and bots. For this i designed this tool, which serves a “sort of useful” purpose, by surfing the web automatically und looking at its text.


10. February 2015 Sebi 0

Mastermind is a logic game for everyone. To beat the game, you have to guess a code, that the other player (here the computer) has chosen. In this variant the code is made from digits (0-9).