Google QPX API (Google Flight)

16. April 2016 Sebi 0

Recently I was asked how to find the cheapest flights via JavaScript to use it on a website. The best possibility I found was the Google QPX API, which is the API behind Google Flights.

Register Machine (RAM)

26. February 2015 Sebi 0

As a theoretical model of a computer, the register machine is a Turing complete model, thus an alternative to the Turing-machine. It accepts programs in a form similar to assemble code and executes them.

Matrix2Wolfram Online

9. February 2015 Sebi 0

As an alternative to the Visual Basic version, this tool can convert a matrix which is written in a normal matrix style (rows separated by new line and columns separated by spaces) to the Wolfram|Alpha style with curly-brackets.

Transalp Designer

13. December 2014 Sebi 0

The Transalp Designer is an online tool for interactive bike route creation. Based on the resulting path the customers can order more material and professional guides etc. for their alpine trip.