Example launch with image of eifel-tower

Due to a pro-seminar i had to write last semester, i questioned myself how to calculate the center of mass of a 2D shape. In the papers i read about the topic everywhere it was considered “simple”, but was never discussed. Back then i just accepted this, but recently i thought about the same question again and started tinkering, resulting in this project.

For the definition of the shape, i settled on a black/white picture. The tool is written in Java and is launched via a console. Two modes are provied:

  1. Open a window, display the image and a red dot at the center of mass
  2. Silently calculate the point and print it back to the console

As image formats JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP are supported.

java CenterOfMass test.png -s
Console-view of the normal launch

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