Transalp Designer

The Transalp Designer is an online tool for interactive bike route creation. Based on the resulting path the customers can order more material and professional guides etc. for their alpine trip.

As the longest ongoing project and one of the biggest ones as well, the Transalp Designer was a commisional work for by brother at BergBiken

The tool itself is based on java script and a XML database. The only javascript library that is used in the background is JQuery, which is used for the database handling.

The UI mainly consists of a graph model with nodes (citys, towns) and edges (bike trails, roads). It is drawn via a generated SVG which serves as an overlay on top of a map in the background. The diagrams in the top are drawn via generated SVGs as well. For this a seperate diagram drawing library is implemented.

Additionally to the drawn route, the customers can monitor the road/trail types, length and height differences and additonal infos and images for each part of the route.

The Transalp Designer was expanded to be used in Spain for the “Way of St. James”.

Feel free to visit the current version of the Transalp Designer and its derivates over at BergBiken!

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